Once in the program, can I organize a meeting or conference?

Scholars interested in organizing an event should discuss with the program director. The director can reserve a room and publicize an event. The program might also offer lunch or other refreshments. Please note that the program does not offer honoraria, nor does it pay transportation/hotel costs for speakers.

Do you offer editing/copy editing services?

The Weatherhead Center is pleased to refer scholars to an excellent editor who has worked for many researchers in our academic community. Please note, however, that scholars are responsible for covering the costs of editing.

Do you offer your scholars workspace?

Scholars do have desk space and access to printers and a copy machine. Some scholars also have a dedicated desktop computer; others work from their personal laptops. Most scholars are housed at 61 Kirkland Street, on the Harvard University campus in Cambridge, MA.

Do you write letters in support of grant applications?

Because the deadline for grant applications often precedes the Weatherhead Center’s application deadline as well as the time when the selection committee evaluates the applications, we write conditional letters in support of grant applications. That is, we write a letter of invitation to the program and state that the offer depends on getting funding and earning acceptance into the Weatherhead Scholars Program. The grant applicant must apply separately to the Weatherhead Scholars Program. 

Is there any funding through the Weatherhead Center?

There is funding (monthly stipend plus health insurance) for some of the postdoctoral researchers. Other postdoctoral researchers, as well as all visiting faculty and practitioners, must cover their own living expenses in the Cambridge area. In addition, visiting faculty and practitioners will be assessed a program administrative fee; the annual fee is $10,000 for faculty and $25,000 for practitioners. 

Who is eligible to apply?

There are three types of applicants:

1. Faculty (Scholars) from other universities who wish to spend sabbatical leave at the Weatherhead Center pursuing research;
2. Postdoctoral researchers who have received their PhDs in the last three calendar years, or who will have defended by the start of their academic appointment; and
3. Practitioners (Fellows) with a strong scholarly bent who wish to spend a year conducting a research project connected to a core interest of the Weatherhead Center. Faculty and postdocs are required to have a PhD. Practitioners do not need a PhD to be... Read more about Who is eligible to apply?

Do you accommodate scholars for less than a full academic year?

Scholars must be in residence for a minimum of four months; moreover, these four months should be primarily in the fall and spring terms. We do not recommend that scholars spend most of their time in residence during the summer months, as many faculty are away from campus then. Please not that given the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be some flexibility given uncertainty around travel and occupancy constraints.

What are the expectations for participants in the program?

All participants must be in residence while Harvard classes are in session (with exceptions made given uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic). For full academic year participants, this means being present for the Fall Term from late August (for orientation) through early December, and for the Spring Term from late January through early May. Participants are required to be in residence for a minimum of four months. Scholars and Fellows are also expected to participate in the Weatherhead Forum and in the Scholars Program Seminar; to contribute to some of the Center’s many other intellectual... Read more about What are the expectations for participants in the program?