Bernhard Fischer-Appelt

Bernhard Fischer-Appelt

Fellow, Weatherhead Scholars Program. CEO, fischerAppelt AG, Hamburg, Germany.

Research interests: Organizational theory; methodology and ethics and its impact on society; and ideology in digital transformation.

Bio: Bernhard Fischer-Appelt is an entrepreneur and founder of digital businesses mostly in the communications sector in Germany, CEO and board member of fischerAppelt AG, one of the leading communication agency groups in Germany. He has studied Political Sciences and Economics at the University of Hamburg and graduated from the London School of Economics in 1989 with a Master of Science in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management. His academic work includes a board membership of the College of Europe, Institute for European Integration, Hamburg. Bernhard Fischer-Appelt is the author of the books “The Moses Method – Leadership Resulting in Groundbreaking Change” and “Leadership at its Limit”. His research project attempts to explore the potential of agile software development methods and the associated cultural change for shaping societal development. The research design will draw on selected examples of agile organization. The objective is to identify the underlying principles of agile and clarify to what extent they are relevant and applicable for the work structure and success of complex social and political projects, organization and systems.



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