Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities

The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs accepts approximately seven postdoctoral fellows each academic year through the Weatherhead Scholars Program. There is funding available for some but not all of the candidates. In 2022–23, we are pleased to announced the following one-year postdoctoral fellowship opportunities: 

1) The Raphael Morrison Dorman fellowship supports up to four postdoctoral fellows annually (stipend plus health insurance). 

2) Thanks to generous support from the Greek Republic, a one-year fellowship (stipend plus health insurance) is available for a postdoctoral fellow from any discipline studying the role of Southern European countries in the promotion of economic and cultural cooperation with Africa. 

Interested candidates for either fellowship are invited to apply to the Weatherhead Scholars Program by the deadline of November 1. We will consider all WSP postdoctoral applications for funding from both sources; it is not necessary to submit a separate funding application. The annual postdoctoral funding amount is USD $52,000, payable over twelve months.

Applicants may also obtain their own external funding. If the deadline for funding organizations falls before you have been notified of your acceptance to the Weatherhead Scholars Program, you may request a conditional letter of support, by writing to Erin Goodman (