Where do I get information on housing?

The Harvard International Office website offers helpful tips on finding housing in the Greater Cambridge area (http://www.hio.harvard.edu/housing). Once you are accepted into the Program, and if you are interested in Harvard University housing, we recommend you submit an application before May 1. The HIO website offers access to the housing application. In addition, the Weatherhead Center has a staff person who is very knowledgeable about the local housing market, and who can assist you in your search.... Read more about Where do I get information on housing?

What are the expectations for participants in the program?

We expect our scholars and practitioners to spend their time here conducting research. In addition, all program participants are expected to participate in the biweekly Weatherhead Forum; to contribute to some of the Center’s many other intellectual activities; and to engage with the undergraduate and graduate student communities.

How much is the program administrative fee?

The standard program administrative fee for the full academic year is $25,000 for practitioners and $10,000 for visiting faculty. The program fee can be adjusted for research stays of less than a full academic year. The standard fee for a single semester is $12,500 for practitioners and $5,000 for visiting faculty.

Is there any funding through the Weatherhead Center?

There is funding (monthly stipend plus health insurance) for a small number of postdoctoral researchers. Applicants interested in funding from the Center should indicate this in their cover letter at the time of application.

Who is eligible to apply for the Weatherhead Scholars Program?

The Weatherhead Scholars Program is open to visiting faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and experienced practitioners who plan to conduct research in the social sciences. Faculty and postdoctoral researchers must possess a PhD. Postdoctoral researchers should have received their degree within the preceding three years (and by the start of the academic year for which they are applying). Although a PhD is not a requirement for a practitioner, the applicant should demonstrate a strong interest in conducting academic research.