Opportunities for Students

Undergraduate Research Assistants for Scholars and Fellows of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

The Weatherhead Scholars Program accepts applications from Harvard College students for positions as paid research assistants to the Scholars and Fellows.

Who is eligible?

Harvard sophomores, juniors, and seniors.


Accepted students may spend up to five hours per week assisting a Scholar or Fellow with various tasks such as conducting library and online research, summarizing and analyzing research materials, and proofreading and editing written work. The Center will, whenever possible, match the academic goals and interests of each student.

Each Undergraduate Research Assistant will be assigned to a specific Scholar or Fellow to facilitate his or her research by:

  • Alerting Fellows and Scholars to intellectual opportunities in the Harvard environment;
  • Finding appropriate source materials held by the Harvard College Library;
  • Analyzing and summarizing research materials;
  • Compiling bibliographies; and
  • Proofreading and editing written work.

To apply, please furnish the following materials:

  • A brief cover letter stating your interest in participating in this program;
  • A detailed resumé, including your academic accomplishments, previous research experience, and language skills;
  • An unofficial Harvard College transcript.

Financial Compensation

Students are expected to spend up to five hours per week assisting their Scholar or Fellow. Students are paid at an hourly rate of $16 per hour.


Applications are accepted at the start of the semester, preferably no later than October 1. There will also be another opportunity to apply at the start of the spring term. Please send your application to:

Erin Goodman, Director, Weatherhead Scholars Program 
Weatherhead Center for International Affairs 
61 Kirkland Street 
Cambridge, MA 02138